Hey everyone~

Sorry for the couple days of missing. I still came on and did a bit of checking on your blogs!

I hope all is well for you. I've been reading an interesting book called "chaos magic" which, while full of occulty stuff, seems to be very legit in its relaxing and focusing exercises. The basic idea behind "Chaos magic" is that all people have an innate strength in them, life force, "chi," whatever you wanna call it. And that life force can be used to influence feelings, especially your own. It's a great read so far because it doesn't take it self so seriously.

Also read a great book series called "Hater" by David Moody.
REALLY recommend this, it's got zombie-apocalypse themes but not exactly zombies.. it's very well written in the fact that it does not rely on its twist, it only enhances the story. I guarantee you've never read a story like this before.


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i remember a friend having books of david moody. i think i'll drop by later and borrow it.

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I always come by when you have news posts. Hope you check on mine.

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I haven't put any pop out ads :<

I blame adsense or linkbucks. I'll see what I can find out.

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