So I know I told you I'd post pics of that Trencher Company I urbexed, but I haven't gotten the chance to go back yet. It's tough to get there, not to mention that I have to bring a friend or two.

I promise the instant I do get pics I will put them here!

So, in other news... who here likes giant robots? That should be a resounding yes. Super Robot Wars is a legendary series of Japan, where everyone from Gunbuster and Gundam Wing teaming up with Tekkaman and The Big O in a giant robot strategy RPG. Problem is, all these anime companies in Japan can be easily coerced into working in one game. With America, though, all the game licenses are split up over multiple companies, causing trouble for the games to be released in America. Tatsunoko VS. Capcom ran into similar problems, but managed to lose only one character in the transition. Additionally, the fact that many of these mecha haven’t shown up in America, and the game kinda loses it’s charm.

Still, Atlus has plugged on. A spinoff series, Super Robot Wars: Original Generation, features completely new mecha and characters. This was much easier to bring to America, so three of it’s title have come. A new animated series, Super Robot Wars: OG The Inspector, will begin airing soon in Japan. This is not the first Super Robot Wars animated series to be released in Japan.
Crunchyroll has announced via press release (hosted by ANN) that they will be simulcasting the series. Subtitled, the series starts on October 3rd.

Hey everyone~

Sorry for the couple days of missing. I still came on and did a bit of checking on your blogs!

I hope all is well for you. I've been reading an interesting book called "chaos magic" which, while full of occulty stuff, seems to be very legit in its relaxing and focusing exercises. The basic idea behind "Chaos magic" is that all people have an innate strength in them, life force, "chi," whatever you wanna call it. And that life force can be used to influence feelings, especially your own. It's a great read so far because it doesn't take it self so seriously.

Also read a great book series called "Hater" by David Moody.
REALLY recommend this, it's got zombie-apocalypse themes but not exactly zombies.. it's very well written in the fact that it does not rely on its twist, it only enhances the story. I guarantee you've never read a story like this before.

I've been quiet for a day, but I've been busy.
Still showed my daily love for all my loyal followers!

I went urban exploring yesterday, and it was badass. It was this place that nobody had been in for 6 years.

I'll take pics soon.

edit: Also, what does everyone think of the layout?

Ten more followers!

It's really great how fast I've taken off.

I've been in the process of preparing to clean up a house that a friend is going to let me stay in. There's a bunch of little details that need fixed, but I'm getting the motivation to do it!

Also, maybe F5 my blog a couple times if you feel like it :P
Views go a long way, I'll do it for you too!

Does anyone have any tips on how to get my blog viewed more?

Let's just say I really need a lot more views ASAP.

In 5 days I've gone from nothing to 30 people!

Thanks for all the support and I will definitely continue to return the favor to spread yours.

Gonna make a blog post later today after I start cleanin' this house.
Got stuff to say for once!

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine has revealed that KOEI is hard at work the third iteration in the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam series. Simply titled Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3, the upcoming mecha action game is currently in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. 

No details yet. For now, enjoy the scans.


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