So there are plenty of things to look forward to in the mecha genre this fall.

We've got not one, but TWO new SRW anime coming out, one based on Banpresto's OG2, and the other based on The Lord of the Elemental series. (

Not only that, but there's a new game coming out for Nintendo DS.
Not so excited about that one, as it looks exactly like the others for DS -_-



Meh, don't favour anime much, I like high school of the dead and deathnote.. HSOD is a bit mindless though really and deathnote has an epic story line :P

I like stories about piloting giant robots :P

Something about people being given a tool to exact their will, be it justice, or vengeance just makes me happy. The best ones are powered by courage or evolution or some shit.

nice shit bro very interest

showing some support, following you and hope you'll do the same! Will show support daily to all that follow and post!

dude good stuff.


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